How to install Xposed framework Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK (MediaTek)


Timeslib – How to install Xposed framework Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK (MediaTek) , For those new to know what is Xposed would be wondering what is the use of Xposed? How to install it? Etc., a little I’ll explain the purpose of installing Xposed.

For most smartphone users, they want their smartphones not to be bridled by the rules of the device. For example if you can see Folder System but can not edit it, that’s a simple example that I know, Xposed also needs Root-access rights to run it, make sure your smartphone is in Root yes,
How to install Xposed framework Xiaomi Redmi Note  How to install Xposed framework Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK (MediaTek)

Xposed is divided into 2 categories: Xposed.apk And Xposed framework , in the 2 categories are important palette that is Xposed Fremwork. because you guys will not be able to run the application before installing Freamworknya first, And although your smartphone already has root privileges the results will remain the same before installing Freamwork first, 
You need to know to install Xposed Freamwork smartphone you must already have to install TWRP first, and that is not less important that must unlock bootloader + Must have done Root. well for you who want to install Xposed on Xiaomi redmi note 4 MTK just follow the way below,

  • Xposed Installer | HERE
  • Xposed Freamwork | HERE
  • Xposed Freamwork Support MIUI9 | DISINI
  • Must Already UBL Unlock Bootloader How | HERE
  • Must Already Installed TWRP How To | HERE
  • Must have ROOT How | HERE
  • Support Android 6 Marsmellow, Android 7 Nougat Not Try

Install Xposed Redmi Note 4 MTK

  1. Make sure the above 3 Terms you meet if you do not want to experience Failed Boot or bootloop, and do not forget to download the 2 materials that I have provided,
  2. Install Xposed Installer first on your device, after that Move Xposed Freamwork to the Root / Internal / External Directory make sure to put in a place that is easy to find,
  3. Turn off redmi note 4 you, then boot / boot / reboot back to TWRP Mode by Press and hold Power + Vol UP Button Wait a few moments to release,
  4. On homescreen TWRP Press Wipe Select Advance Wipe -> Check (Davlik cache, Cache,) other than what I mentioned do not check, After that Scroll down arrow bada, Wait until finished.
  5. Back to Homescreen TWRP Press the Install button then navigate to Xposed Freamwork you have Download above, Click and drag the arrows at the bottom of TWRP, Wait until finished.
  6. When finished do not directly Reboot, select Wipe Cache Davlik on the bottom of TWRP, then Reboot.
  7. If the Boot process runs long do not worry it’s side effects if Wipe, Cache, davlik, usually no later than about 15 minutes / 20 minutes just finished,
  8. When you enter Homescreen Selamat Redmi note 4 MTK You have successfully installed Xposed After this please edit / oprek mobile phone at will